About eBooks Discounts

ebooksDiscounts.com is the website of the eBook Discounts, a company created by Bill Neto and Hugo Nunes, in Porto, Portugal, with the goal of providing information and services dedicated to readers and authors worldwide. Specifically, you can read biographies about various authors, learn the synopsis of individual books, as well as how to read book series in order. 

Our logo

Our logo was created by the founders with the intention of representing a “modern view” of books and literary culture.

logo of eBooks Discounts
eBooks Discounts logo

The fonts used were selected so the logo carries the formality and strength of a ancient cultures — books — and a sense of modernity that technology provides.

Corbel, created by Jeremy Tankard, was described as “designed to give an uncluttered, clean appearance. The letter forms are open with soft, flowing curves.” In architecture, corbel also represents strenght and support.

We needed to create a consistent look for our brand. One in which our logo would work well for both online and offline media.
Keeping in mind this versatility– a logo that adapts to the space where it has to fit–we decided it was important that the main version of the logo could appear with or without the tagline:

After that, a one-line versation was created to fit some horizontal-shaped areas. When using this version, the tagline “Read more, spend less” won’t appear.

Considering specific targets or demands, we thought that this display could be pushed a little bit further, guiding viewers to our website. So we just add up a bold “.com”’ to its end.
Is there any doubt about what’s our web address?

We are sure you have already read these three little letters around our website a few times: eBD!
Yeah, that’s so much easier –just pick the first letters of e(lectronic)-Books Discounts.

This is our beloved favicon, our acronym, our shortcut image, our icon:

The colors we use

Regardless of the version, our logo is single-color. Most of the time, it is inked in black or white, depending on what background it’s inserted to.

This doesn’t mean that our branding is simply black&white – that we don’t care about diversity. Therefore, on special and specific occasions we can present other versions of the logo.

Thank you for visiting our website. If you have any questions, you may contact us at info@ebooksdiscounts.com. We also welcome and appreciate any feedback you’re willing to share with us. Please contact us in English.

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