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My name is Bill Neto and I’m the co-founder of eBooks Discounts. Reading books is one of my favorite things to do, and I encourage anyone who’s willing to hear me to read as much as possible. I am from Porto, Portugal, though I prefer to read and write in English.

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Bill Neto

Bill Neto’s work in eBooks Discounts

With the goal of keeping book readers informed in their literary adventures, I research information about authors, books, and book series, to write articles to eBooks Discounts’ website. I believe the world is increasingly interesting the more avid book readers there are in the world.

Over the years, I grew familiar with the book publishing industry, content writing and digital marketing. I hope the combination of these two knowledges will allow me to write great content relevant to book readers all over the world, while ensuring that it helps the highest amount of readers possible.

Below you can find all the articles that I wrote to ebooks Discounts, so far.

You can reach me by sending an email in English to bill@ebooksdiscounts.com.

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