About Hugo Filipe Nunes

Hi! I’m Hugo Filipe Nunes, and I’m from the beatiful city of Aveiro, Portugal.

I’m the co-founder of eBooks Discounts, a challenging and fulfilling project. Being a computer engineer was the main reason for me to join eBD’s project and co-found it — after years being a Project Manager in creative agencies, I was back to coding and web developing again.

photo of Hugo Filipe Nunes
Hugo Filipe Nunes

Hugo’s work in eBooks Discounts

With close attention to detail, I plan creative solutions and organize people in a way that empowers them to achieve more exciting results, while being more focused and happier in their workplace.

I am responsible for eBD’s branding and design strategy. Design and arts are (kind of) my guilty pleasures. Though I am in charge of eBD’s communication, I’m also accountable for the server and website maintenance, as well the overarching technology infrastructure aligned with the organization’s short- and long-term goals.

Below you can find all the articles that I wrote to ebooks Discounts, so far.

You can reach me by sending an email in English to hugo@ebooksdiscounts.com.

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