Brad Thor Books in Order

1. The Lions Of Lucerne

The Secret Service agents in charge of the President of the United States were killed. Except one agent: Scot Harvath. But they still managed to kidnap the President of the United States.

He doesn’t believe that Middle Eastern terrorists are behind the attack, so he begins his own journey to find the truth and execute revenge.

He joins Claudia Mueller, a swiss federal attorney. Together, they must brave the dangerous path ahead, as their only chance of surviving is along the most deathly team of professional murderers.

2. Path of the Assassin

After saving the President of the United States from the kidnappers, Secret Service Agent Scot Harvath’s goal becomes capturing or killing everyone responsible.

The clues point him toward the world’s most dangerous terrorist.

As Scot Harvath and his CIA team don’t know how the terrorist looks like, they hire a civilian who also managed to escape from the hands of the kidnappers.

Harvath will have to face a bloodbath and desperation.

3. State of the Union

A terrorist threatens the United States. Traditional military and diplomatic options are no longer viable.

The president of the United States asks the Secret Agent Scot Harvath to disarm the threat.

Accompanied by Russian Intelligence Agent Alexandra Ivanova, he starts a journey fueled by adrenaline.

The moment of truth will be on American soil, and the enemy is one from the past.

4. Blowback

Scot Harvath was seen in a off-the-books operation, so the President of the United States was forced to fire him.

But now, a weapon that has been thousands of years in the making has a target: the United States. The president chooses to secretly seek Scot Harvath’s help.

Harvath learns of an organization that, for decades, has been searching for the weapon needed to send the civilization back into the Dark Ages.

And they have just found it.

Scot Harvath must race against time to stop them before it’s too late.

5. Takedown

In a terrorist attack, all of the bridges and tunnels connected to Manhattan are destroyed. Thousands of commuters could have been killed.

While the country focuses on searching and rescuing, a highly-trained team of foreign soldiers make its way through the city with a single goal: locating the most powerful man in America.

Scot Harvath is the country’s only hope. He mounts his own operation to locate the powerful man that even the United States government declines to admit he exists.

6. The First Commandment

Six months ago, five of the most dangerous prisoners in Guantanamo Bay were set free.

Presently, Scot Harvath learns that a brutal assassin is spreading chaos. He seeks to destroy everything Scot Harvath holds dear, including his own life.

The president ordered Harvath to stay out of it, so he creates his own undercover operation to avenge. That’s when he learns that his own nation, the nation he risked his life serving, released the Guantanamo prisoners and how they are connected to the crimes.

7. The Last Patriot

A car explodes outside a café, and Scot Harvath is called into action to save the victim.

But then he finds himself in in a racing to find a dangerous secret that could defeat militant Islam forever, fueled by the American government desesperation.

However, powerful forces desire to keep that secret hidden.

8. The Apostle

A new administration is governing the United States of America. This administration is not interesting hiring Scot Harvath.

An American doctor was kidnapped and held for ransom. They are asking for an al-Qaeda mastermind. Only one person could handle this quietly: Scot Harvath.

In his mission, Scot Harvath learns that this is not just another kidnap. There’s way more to this story than the government is willing to admit.

9. Foreign Influence

A new spy agency was created with the goal of targeting America’s enemies, both foreign and domestic. Their motto? Find, fix, and finish.

A bombing in Rome murders various American college students. The new spy agency recruits Scot Harvath, who finds the murderer is related to his own past.

The man has plans for terror attacks on a much bigger scale. Harvath must use his relationship with the man to lure him out of hiding and kill him.

10. Full Black

Some missions are so secretive that even the government is unaware of them. When one of these goes south, terrorist attacks begin with the goal of destroying the United States of America.

Scot Harvath designs a plan to penetrate the terrorists’ network and dissemble it from within.

Once the terrorists are identified, Scot Harvath is left with only one option: go Full Black.

11. Black List

The United States government has a secret list that only the President and unnamed advisors get to read it. If your name is on the list, it will only disappear when you’ve been killed.

Scot Harvath’s name was added to the list.

Now, he has to evade those who are in charge of killing him while uncovering who wrote his name and why.

Right in the midst of this, the United States of America is the target of the most brutal terrorist attack ever.

12. Hidden Order