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Author Edward Wilson was born in the United States, but, after serving in the Vietnam War and growing unsatisfied with the American policies, Edward Wilson moved to the Suffolk, United Kingdom. There, Author Edward Wilson dedicated himself to write spy political thriller novels and, in the early 2000s, he started the beginning of the book series Catesby with The Envoy, he became a popular writer and reference of spy political thriller fiction novels involving espionage, as well as well-known in the United States.

Writer Edward Wilson admits to be heavily inspired by the great classic political thriller fiction novels and book series, coupled with the British spy organizations and espionage activities. Although the Cold War is often used in films, television shows, and spy political thriller novels, rarely is the Cold War used in the time frame of the past century, when there were many conflicts between Britain, America, and Soviet Union.

By being able to focus on different people that were involved in the conflicts of the Cold War, Author Edward Wilson’s spy political thriller novels offer the perspective of the conflict from multiple perspectives and their espionage activities. If you’re looking for a novel with fascinating characters and settings in spy political thriller novels, filled with espionage, you should read the Author Edward Wilson’s novels of the Catesby book series of political thrillers. The books are mainly set in the United Kingdom with British espionage, but they also reach other countries.

These espionage and spy thriller books by the author Edward Wilson are available for Kindle of Amazon.

1. The Envoy (Catesby book series #1)

The Envoy (Catesby book series #1) by the author Edward Wilson

In the beginning of the Catesby book series, the novel The Envoy is set in the Cold War during the 1950s. Meanwhile, Kit Fournier has a double entity: for appearances’ sake, he’s a senior diplomat for a United States’ embassy; in reality, he’s an undercover CIA bureau chief in London, the first line of defense against the Soviet threat.

In this political thriller novel, Kit Fournier will meet Yuri Sachayev, a rough KGB agent of the Soviet Union who is killing CIA assets.

But in the midst of the Cold War, Kit Fournier cannot distinguish ally from enemy.

2. The Midnight Swimmer (Catesby book series #2)

The Midnight Swimmer (Catesby book series #2) by the author Edward Wilson

Following The Envoy, we have the novel The Midnight Swimmer, which is about love and power. Catesby is a british spy officer who hates the establishment, especially the ones that govern his country.

Hated by the Americans and loved by the Soviet Union, Catesby is ordered to make clandestine contacts. London allowed Catesby to offer Moscow a secretive deal to stop the Cuban Missile Crisis.

But before that, Catesby encounters the Midnight Summer, who has a terrifying message for Washington.

3. The Darkling Spy (Catesby book series #3)

The Darkling Spy (Catesby book series #3) by the author Edward Wilson

The Darkling Spy novel takes us to London in 1956. Henry Bone is a Mandarin spymaster who seeks the “Butterfly,” the name attributed to classic Cold War spies, believing he has the most important intelligence peace of the Cold War.

In reality, Butterfly has the identity of all traitors, as well as every British spy officer who helped them.

4. The Whitehall Mandarin (Catesby book series #4)

The Whitehall Mandarin (Catesby book series #4) by the author Edward Wilson

The Whitehall Mandarin novel depicts Lady Somers, wealthy and powerful, but also the first woman to be the british minister of defence. And she’s hiding something. Catsy’s task is to discover what that something is and bury it.

His task leads him through Londoners sex scandals and a world-changing message from Moscow, until he finds something heartbroken personal and political secret.

A secret Catsby might not live to share.

When reviewing the novel The Whitehall Mandarin, The Independent wrote “Wilson is now firmly ensconced in the new firmament of espionage writing.”

5. A Very British Ending (Catesby book series #5)

A Very British Ending (Catesby book series #5) by the author Edward Wilson

The novel A Very British Ending was published in 2016 and tells us about an MI6 officer who killed a German Narzi war criminal. Turned out he was a CIA asset.

As the British people hunger in the dark winter of 1947, a minister strikes a deal with Moscow for food and wood.

Meanwhile, the British MI6 officer and his peers, as well as the British spies William Catesby and Henry Bone, try to outsmart those attempting to overthrow the British prime minister.

6. South Atlantic Requiem (Catesby book series #6)

South Atlantic Requiem (Catesby book series #6) by the author Edward Wilson

In 1982, the British prime minister and the Argentine president holding the power of the office.

In this novel, the Argentina forces invade the British’ Falklands Islands, and the British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher finds herself having to deal with a crisis. Spy officer William Catesby is sent to prevent Argentina from getting more missiles, by whatever means necessary.

Meanwhile, the British prime minister is willing to sacrifice however many lies necessary to win the conflict. The weapons are being aimed.

South Atlantic Requiem was published in 2018.

7. Portrait of the Spy as a Young Man (Catesby book series #7)

Portrait of the Spy as a Young Man (Catesby book series #7) by the author Edward Wilson

In 1941, as a teenager, the British William Catesby leaves Cambridge University to join the army and support the war. He witnesses tragedies and feats of extraordinary bravery during the French Resistance.

Forward in time to 2014, Catesby is now in his nineties-years-old. He recounts the experiences of his life to his granddaughter. She will learn how intriguing and conflicted man is her grandfather.

This novel marks the ending of the Catesby book series.