Erevis Cale Books in Order by the author Paul S. Kemp (Kindle & Paperback)

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Published by the publisher Wizards of the Coast in the United States and written by the author Paul S. Kemp, this book series, based on the Forgotten Realms of the Dungeons & Dragons, a popular fantasy role-playing game, features a fictional character named Erevis Cale.

Born in Westgate and trained by an organization called The Night Masks to become a thief and an assassin, Erevis Cale becomes infamous for cutting out the hearts of his victims. But later in time, this organization is destroyed, and Erevis moves to Sembia to join another organization, The Night Knives. His father is the Mask’s Chosen, Thamal Thaete.

The Night Knives places Erevis Cale in the house of Uskevren family. Erevis kills the head butler, creating a role for him to fill, thereby making way for him to spy the Uskevren House. Eventually, The Night Knives tasks Erevis with the task of killing Prince Thamalon Nelderran.

However, as time goes by, the more Erevis knows Thamalon,the patriarch of the Uskevren House, the closer friends they become. His loyalty changes, and he spends the most of the decade feeding misleading information, if not downright misinformation, to his guild, The Night Knives.

Thamalon is assassinated, causing the end of Erevi’s service at the Uskevren House. But his loyalty to the family remains, especially to the Thamalon’s second-born child, who Erevis was once in love with. Used to living a life of luxury and indulgence, Erevis is now a man of finely tailored clothing and soft beds.

Erevis‘ rival is Drasek Riven, who once fought with Erevis Cale for the attention of the leader of The Night Knives. But now they have a mission to complete–together.

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  1. Twilight Falling (The Erevis Cale series, Book 1) by the author Paul S Kemp

Twilight Falling book of the Erevis Cale book series by the author Paul S. Kemp.

In the first novel of The Erevis Cale book series, a once-assassin-turned-butler returns to the lifestyle in the shadows he once left.

More than ten years ago, Erevis Cale was placed into the wealthy Uskevren household, to spy and gather intelligence that would damage Uskevren’s name. But as Erevis‘ relationship with the family evolved, he sided with Thamalon, the patriarch of Uskevren.

But now Thamalon is dead, ending Erevis‘ duty to serve the family. Amongst this uncertainty, a letter arrives from a prominent figure of Erevis‘ past. As a result, Erevis dedicates himself to a new master, one who trades, not in gold, but in souls.

  1. Dawn of Night (The Erevis Cale series, Book 2) by the author Paul S. Kemp

Dawn of Night book of the Erevis Cale book series by the author Paul S. Kemp.

In the second book of the Erevis Cale Trilogy, tensions between Erevis Cale and the mercenary Drasek Riven escalate fueled by hate.

Lost and with no way home in sight, Erevis‘ and his comrades’ powers increase with no end in sight, as they recover from the battle with the Slaadi, the frog-like monsters. While this happens, Drasek becomes bolder and more strategic.

Erevis and Drasek find themselves in a power struggle—sometimes as enemies, other times as allies. As they reach the city Skull Port, they find wizards patrolling the area, pushing Erevis‘ and Drasek’s weak alliance to the limit as they face deadly foes.

  1. Midnight’s Mask (The Erevis Cale series, Book 3) by the author Paul S. Kemp

Midnight's Mask book of the Erevis Cale book series by the author Paul S. Kemp.

In the third and final book of The Erevis Cale Trilogy, Erevis has an incalculable amount of enemies.

When a pirate fleet attacks a merchant vessel off the coast of Thesk, Erevis sets chases the pirates on a sea journey, filled with dark choices and even darker consequences, as he faces the deadliest forces in the Forgotten Realms.

This sea journey will threaten all Erevis holds dear, including his own humanity, while changing the face of Faerûn forever.