Halo: Contact Harvest

Halo: Contact Harvest
Halo: Contact Harvest

Halo: Contact Harvest is the fifth novel of the Halo book series. Be aware that, before reading this book, you should read Halo: Ghosts of Onyx. If you want to learn how to read this series in order, click here.

Halo: Contact Harvest was authored by Joseph Staten and was first published on October 30, 2007.

Published editions of Halo: Contact Harvest

Halo: Contact Harvest was first published by Tor Books, on October 30, 2007.

Nearly twelve years later, on April 9, 2019, Gallery Books published the last edition. This one has nearly the same content as the previous one.

Synopsis of Halo: Contact Harvest

United Nations Space Command Marine Staff Sergeant Avery Johnson finds his aunt dead. Due to the resulting drinking problems, he’s sent to the an agriculture planet, called Harvest, where he finds his friend Staff Sergeant Byrne.

Harvest is peaceful, but Johnson and Byrne are tasked to train a force to protect the planet.

A spaceship of the Covenant find Harvest. As the enemy arrives, Johnson and Byrne attack them. Although they succeed, albeit with injuries, the humans are now aware of the threat.

Johnson and Byrne, along with Ponder and Healy, keep training the Harvest’s soldiers for a possible attack from the Covenant. And, indeed, it doesn’t take long for the Battle of Harvest to begin.

Meanwhile, an element of the Covenant forces discover that the Forerunners artifacts they thought to exist in the planet Harvest were mere signs of Humans presence. This element realizes how it would destroy the Covenant from inside out if this information ever became public, so he swears to secrecy and destroys the source of information.

On planet Harvest, the humans try to resist the attack by the Covenant, while they keep trying to find the Forerunners artifacts. The Harvest army manages to conduct most of the survivors to spaceships.

Johnson and Burne keep trying to defend Harvest, but eventually manage to destroy the planet.

The Covenant now resolve to find all human planets, beginning the Human-Covenant War.

What to read after Halo: Contact Harvest?

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