House of X vol 2: The Uncanny Life of Moira X

House of X vol 2: The Uncanny Life of Moira X

Before reading this Marvel Comic issue, you should read the first issue of Powers of X. This means that House of X vol 2: The Uncanny Life of Moira X is the third issue you should read of the Powers of X and House of X series.

Synopsis of House of X vol 2: The Uncanny Life of Moira X

When Moira was 13 years old, she had incredibly high fever. She didn’t know it was her mutant power manifesting, so she ignored it and eventually recovered, thinking nothing had changed in her life.

She would go on to live a normal life. She married. She had kids. And, when she was 74, she found herself dying of natural causes.

But then she was reborn. With all the memories of her previous life. And this how she realized she was a mutant.

Now in her second life, she found herself in the womb of another woman who she would call mother. Her new parents realized there was something special about her, but they decided to keep their nose down and remain discrete.

One day, Moira is watching TV and she sees Charles Xavier revealing to the world that he’s a mutant, without any reservations. Interested by this, she travels to America to meet him. However, as her plan was crossing the Atlantic Ocean, her plane crashed and she died yet again.

Now in her third life, she searched for Charles Xavier once again, but she now found him arrogant. So, instead, she dedicated her time to genetics, hoping to find a her to her own mutations. But she was soon warned by other mutants not to battle against their kind in any way, or there would be repercussions. After all, Moira wasn’t exactly immortal: she had only 11 lives. To ensure that their point was delivered, these mutants burned her alive, resulting in her death.

In her fourth life, Moira dedicates herself to the cause of the mutants and even fell in love with Charles Xavier. Alongside him, Moira created and led the X-Men. However, they were eventually killed, including Moira, by the Sentinnels.

Now Moira is in her fifth life. She finds Charles Xavier and asks him to read her mind, allowing him to see the four lives she had lived. Empowered by this knowledge, Xavier and a group of mutants build a city called Faraway, what was supposed to be a sanctuary for mutants. Shortly later, unfortunately, the Sentinels attack them and kill Moira.

In Moira’s seventh life, Moira is determined to kill everyone related to the inventor of the Sentinels. However, she learns that the rise of the Sentinels is inevitable, before she gets killed yet again.

Now in her eighth life, Moira searches for Magneto. She reveals her knowledge to him. But Moira dies again, this time when attempting to break into a prison.

In her ninth life, Moira goes to talk with Apocalypse. They engage humanity and the Sentinels in a way, but they fail and Moira dies.

In her tenth life, Moira searches for Xavier again to allow him to read her mind again.

What to read after House of X vol 2: The Uncanny Life of Moira X?

Once you’ve read this comic issue, we’d suggest you read Powers of X vol 2: We Are Together Now, You and I.