House of X vol 4: It Will Be Done

House of X vol 4: It Will Be Done
House of X vol 4: It Will Be Done

So you can understand the story in this Marvel Comic issue, you should first read the third issue of House of X, if you’re following our article on the best way to read the Marvel Comic books Powers of X and House of X.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s what this fourth issue of House of X is all about.

Synopsis of House of X vol 4: It Will Be Done

This issue starts with Professor X and Magneto on Krakoa. Jean informs them that Husk and Archangel died in the explosion, and that both Nightcrawler and Wolverine were seriously injured.

Still, they’re determined to get the mission done, no matter the consequences. Nightcrawler teleports Mystique, Cyclops and Wolverine, so they can destroy the control panels of the space station.

They managed to destroy the control panels, but they’re attacked by the Orchis security personnel. This results in yet another death, this time of Mystique.

The humans are now desperate as well and, in such state, they decide to turn on the Mother Mold, though they did not know what would happen. Professor Xavier insists they must do whatever they must to stop it. Nightcrawler and Wolverine sacrifices their lives to successfully destroy the Mother Mold. Mission accompliished.

Shortly after, Cyclops is also killed when trying to escape. Jean is, too, killed.

Professor Xavier can’t do anything but watch his X-Men getting murdered, one after another. He cries their deaths.

What to read after House of X vol 4: It Will Be done?

If you’ve finished reading this issue, then it’s time for you to read the next one on the storyline: Powers of X vol 4: Something Sinister.