House of X vol 5: Society

House of X vol 5: For The Children
House of X vol 5: Society

This issue is a sequel to the fourth issue of Powers of X, as it’s explicit in our guide to read Powers of X and House of X in order, so please make sure you’ve read that issue first.

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Synopsis of House of X vol 5: Society

Magneto is talking with Polaris, his daughter. Magneto comments that, if there was something that humans taught mutants, it was the need to form of a society. And this is why the mutants in Krakoa have been reviving dead mutants.

This revival begins with Goldballs creating eggs. Then Proteus uses his ability to make these eggs viable. Mutant DNA is injected into the egg, before Elixir uses his ability to start the cellular replication process. Next, Tempus accelerates time, speeding up the development of the mutant inside the egg. Lastly, Professor Xavier transfers a copy of the dead mutant’s mind into the new body.

The United Nations agree to, from then on, recognize the island of Krakoa as an independent sovereign nation of mutants.

A group of mutants, led by Apocalypse, arrive on Krakoa. They accept the laws of Krakoa and recognize the importance of working towards the long-term survival of the mutantkind.

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