Powers of X vol 1: The Last Dream of Professor X

Powers of X vol 1: The Last Dream of Professor X
Powers of X vol 1: The Last Dream of Professor X

Before reading this, you should read the first issue of House of X. This means that Powers of X vol 1: The Last Dream of Professor X is the second issue you should read, if you’re following our article on the recommended reading order of Powers of X and House of X.

Synopsis of Powers of X vol 1: The Last Dream of Professor X

This Marvel Comic issue encompasses four timelines:

  • Year One: The Dream
  • Year Ten: The World
  • Year One-Hundred: The War
  • Year One-Thousand: The Ascension

Year One: The Dream

In a fair, Charles Xavier is approached by Moira Kinross. In this conversation, Xavier says the had a beautiful dream, but, due to its complexity, he’s still trying to make sense of it so he can tell to other people. Moira notes that a dream is only a dream until it becomes reality.

Charles Xavier is confused by Moira’s remark and expresses so. Her solution is for him to read her mind, and he does so. What he sees in her mnd shocks him.

Year Ten: The World

Accompanied by Toad, Moira shows up in Krakoa. She dispenses Toad’s company and proceeds by herself on her way to the house of M, intent on meeting Magneto.

Moira reveals that Sabretooth was captured. However, she managed to get what she went there for: a memory stick. In order to hand it to Magneto, she says she now has new demands.

Xavier arrives and says that, if she wants her demands to be fulfilled, they will have to ask more of her in return.

Moira comments his lack of generosity, but Xavier says that everyone will have to give something to live in Krakoa.

Year One-Hundred: The War

The mutants’ war against humans has been raging on for years. Meanwhile, a team of four X-Men are on their way to extract something from the Nexus. However, their mission is soon discovered, resulting in the death of one of the X-Men. Shortly after, another X-Men, Cylobel, is captured alive, and the remaining X-Men retreat.

The Supremacy questions Cylobel, but she resists the torture. Additionally, because she’s a black brain, no one can read her mind through telepathy. With no other option and following the suggestion of Nimrod, Cylobel is drowned in a tube as her body and mind is transformed into data. Supremacy hopes that this data will allow them to win the war against the X-Men.

Year One-Thousand: The Ascension

The Librarian expresses that he’s sorry that the minds in the database are fading due to the unavoidable digital decay. Nimrod the Greater admits that the database was only meant to help the Supremacy win the war, not to survive this long. But, since the world has changed so much, the war became pointless, so there’s no reason to worry about the database.

A habitat for preserving mutants is kept, sealed. This is only seen as yet another piece of antique, illustrating the evolution of life on Earth and to warn humans to never allow mutants to rule Earth ever again.

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