Powers of X vol 4: Something Sinister

Powers of X vol 4: Something Sinister
Powers of X vol 4: Something Sinister

Before you read this issue, please make sure you’ve read the previous one in the storyline, namely the fourth issue of House of X, as explained in the guide about reading Powers of X and House of X.

Now, let’s dive into Powers of X vol 4: Something Sinister.

Synopsis of Powers of X vol 4: Something Sinister

Like some previous Marvel Comic issues of this series, this issue encompasses three different timelines:

  • Year One
  • Year Ten
  • Year One-Thousand

Below is a synopsis of what happens in each of these timelines.

Year One

Professor X and Magneto asks Mister Sinister assistance in building a database comprised of mutant DNA. Mister Sinister declines, but this only results in another Mister Sinister killing him, for this one desires to help. Professor Xavier access Mister Sinister’s mind and erases the memory of this meeting.

Year Ten

Professor Xavier and Cypher travel to Krakoa, which allowed Cypher to learn the language of Krakoa and its history. He told this newfounded information to X: Krakoa used to be a single island, called Okkara, before it was split into what is now Krakoa and another island called Arakko. This split was the result of an enemy attack that wanted to destroy the world, but ultimately was stopped by Apocalypse and the Four Horsemen.

Professor X asks Cypher to build a communication system, so that mutants can communicate with the Island. Cypher did so. He also succeeded in creating four other systems: transit and monitoring, observations and defense, external and secondary systems, and overwatch and data analysis.

Year One-Thousand

The Librarian copies himself into a orb and offered it to the Phalanx, hoping to ascend. The Phalanx transforms this orb into a large sphere. The witnessing group stands waiting, confused about what could be happening.

What to read after Powers of X vol 4: Something Sinister?

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