Powers of X vol 5: For the Children

Powers of X vol 5: For the Children
Powers of X vol 5: For the Children

This issue follows the adventure of the mutantkind that happens after the events in the fifth issue of House of X, so please make sure you’ve read that first. You can learn more in our article about how to read the Powers of X and House of X series.

Synopsis of Powers of X vol 5: For the Children

This Marvel comic issue encompasses three timelines:

  • Year One
  • Year Ten
  • Year One-Thousand

Year One

Professor Xavier talks to Forge about his idea of creating a copy of mutant minds, using the power of Cerebro. Forge is uncertain if the idea might work, but Professor Xavier ensures him that he has everything that is needed, like energy supply powerful enough and storage space big enough. Forge agrees to build a modified version of Cerebro.

Year Ten

It’s the very last days before the founding of Krakoa as a sovereign nation of mutants. Magneto and Professor Xavier contact Emma Frost, to persuade her into helping them establish this new homeland for mutants. Emma agrees, but she demands that she must have three seats on the council of Krakoa.

With that out of the way, Xavier sends a telepathic message to all mutants to let them know about Krakoa. One of the mutants, King Namor, reject the offer, expressing his disbelief in Xavier’s chances of succeeding.

Year One-Thousand

The Phalanx receive an offer from earthlings, and they choose to accept it.

The Phalanx serve their superiors by turning matter into energy. It is why they will absorb the intellect of all earthlings, as well as the planet itself.

What to read after Powers of X vol 5: For the Children?

If you want to know what happens next, you should read House of X vol 6: I Am Not Ashamed of What I Am.