Powers of X vol 6: House of X

Powers of X vol 6: House of X
Powers of X vol 6: House of X

Welcome to the last issue of this series. Just as a reminder, make sure you’ve read the prequel to this one, namely the sixth issue of House of X. Hoping to be helpful, we wrote reading guide for House of X and Powers of X.

Synopsis of Powers of X vol 6: House of X

Powers of X vol 6: House of X also encompasses three timelines, like some previous issues of this series:

  • Year One-Thousand
  • Year One
  • Year Ten

Year One-Thousand

The Librarian steps into the Preserve, a space that houses various species in danger of going extinct, such as mutants. Eventually, he finds Logan and Moira and tells them that the Phalanx will absorb them tomorrow, so they’re running out of time to escape.

Which why the Librarian made certain arrangements for Moira to be killed, for she’s still on her sixth time and has a few more available to her, which she can use to ensure things turn out differently. As a favor to Moira, Logan kills her.

Year One

Reading her mind, Professor Xavier sees all of Moira’s lifes. He’s shocked at the revelation that the mutants will always end up losing, no matter what they do.

Year Ten

Professor Xavier and Magneto meet Moira, to tell her about the Quiet Council of Krakoa.

Moira is afraid that the mistakes of the past will be repeated again, here on Krakoa. Magneto and Professor Xavier, however, try to ensure her that, this time, things will be different and that they will go for the better. In fact, Professor X and Magneto vow that they will do whatever is necessary to ensure the long-term survival of the mutantkind.

Final words

Congratulations! You’ve finished reading the Powers of X and House of X Marvel Comic book series.