Publishing Principles

eBooks Discounts publications have a single goal: offer helpful guidance with long-term value that is trustworthy and accessible.

Offer Guidance

We aim to provide actionable knowledge and know-how. We provide extensive detail, however much is necessary to provide a full understanding of the topic. We do not offer entertainment, gossip, or skewed information. Instead, we believe knowledge that is proven to be true is what is essential.

Respect the Reader

We work to provide the full context of all the information presented in our articles. We never try to manipulate our readers with half-truths. Instead, we provide the full picture of information, acting in the readers’ best interests.

Content with a long life

We write about topics that we believe will be important for a long time to come.

We do not offer clickbait content, with the hope of short-term gains.

Transparency about Incentives

We will occasionally include affiliate links in our content, so you can buy the mentioned products on or other online retailers. If you choose to click the link, we will receive a small commission that enables us to continue our work. You are free not to click on these links. This does not affect our editorial choices.

We have no other affiliation with or with any other entity.

Accessible to everyone

We write our content and develop our website in a way that allows even those with impairments to read our content, through technologies such as screen readers for those visually impaired.